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Nail up! January 2022 Issue (Cover...

Nail up! January 2022 Issue (Cover Tsubasa Masuwaka)

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Discover the new Nail Up magazine from January 2022 with the pretty and famous Tsubasa Masuwaka!


◎ The latest items improve your aesthetic awareness! Special edition ◆ Tubasa Masuwaka Thoughts on nail Thinking about nails ◆ TOKYO NAIL EXPO ONLINE 2021 NEWS ◆ I went to the popular multi-functional salon now! ◆ Hundreds of ways with a few items! Self-nail idea book ◆ GENKING Beauty Room ◆ Business trip Hyakuhana Ryoran Nail Visiting the salon of Misuzu Taga ◆ Adult nails of erikonail Lesson Vol.103 When. ◆ Beauty nail collection by 18 top nail technicians Nail UP! Loves Nailist ◆ Prefecture representative! Popular nail salon 2021 definitive edition ◆ Professional nail shop Nail partner Shinjuku store will be reopened on November 1st !! ◆ Trial team Try SHOW Special Project "Trouble Rescue Team" of Nail Fans who are lost ◆ Hana4LIFE HOLIC ◆ Necessary items that one person wants to collect at least Cuticle Oil Expo ◆ The world of mythical art spun with nails ◆ Top active in Japan and overseas Five nail technicians gather! Now and in the future of nail competition ◆ Aim to be a professional! Build confidence! Improve your technical skills! Know the nail test!

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