Our promise is to provide you easy access to the latest, highest quality authentic Japanese: accessories, fashion, stationery, health, beauty and cosmetics products reliably and instantly from Japan.
Partnered with many local prestigious Japanese suppliers, Tokyo Street Style is dedicated to lovers of all fashion & beauty Japanese products! Based in Japan, our team are passionate about keeping you informed on the latest exciting Japanese trends, news and giveaways which you can become a part of! Our lifelong ambition is to become the foundation for all passionate content creators who need a helping hand with reaching out to a more international audience. Tokyo Street Style, strives to become the central base in which content creators can display their passionate works to the world.

This can all achieved through the assistance of our talented team. We shall provide:

  • Translation support of the creator’s products and personal profiles.
  • Creating portfolios for creators geared toward all overseas viewers.
  • Increasing their international exposure through interviews and social media.
  • Exhibiting their works at overseas conventions, and many other endless possibilities.



Mathieu BUGLET




I'm French been lived for 10years in Japan. I have a career as a former professional photographer. Became a representative of the fashion sunglasses brand nunettes and started his business in Japan. Established BMEDIA K.K. in 2013. He has done many businesses such as HELLO JAPAN, Made in France, TOKYO STREET STYLE and has achieved success.

Graduated from Waseda University Faculty of Cultural Design. After leaving the telecommunications company, she studied fashion business at the Vantan Design Institute and went to NY alone. After returning to the United States for 4 years, returned home in 2016. He has been working as a salesperson for a Japanese apparel company for two years and is currently in charge of Tokyo Street Style as Business Development.

Local team members living in France. I am in charge of the IT department including articles and SNS of TOKYO STREET STYLE web magazine. At an event held in France in 2019, he led a fashion show and led to success. At events held in Europe, he leads local team members.

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