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Are the products sold authentic?
Absolutely, and you can verify this by taking a look at the barcodes and product information.
I am looking for a specific product, can you help me?
Contact us with as much information as possible and we will take care of your request.
Why pre-orders new items are not 100% guaranteed ?
The orders we placed with our distributors are not guaranteed when it's concerning unreleased products. We order to them, they order to the makers directly and also have no guarantee to receive everything they requested. That's how it works in Japan and is unrelated to our website. That's the same for ANY website and theirs distributors. Being a quite new and small company, we have no control over these decision from makers that are impacting distributors and indirectly buyers like us. The more popular are the items, the harder it is to get them. When placing an order, please keep this in mind. If you have any doubt, don't place your order. For already released products, re-stock products, it's 100% guaranteed that the new stock is coming.
How long will it take to prepare my order?
In normal days, your order should be prepared in 5 business days. Sometimes, the preparation of your order can take up to 10 days in case of restocking problems due to delays related to COVID-19, for popular pre-order items or busy period such as Halloween or Christmas.
Upon receipt, I noticed that a product had leaked/broken during delivery. Can you send me back the product in question?
You will need to send us a visual proof and then the Tokyo Street Style team will analyse the situation in order to find a solution that will satisfy you.


What are the payment methods?
There are many payment methods! - Credit card (MasterCard, Visa) - PayPlug (for European customers) - Stripe - PayPal - Bitcoins
What delivery methods are available?
We currently use 2 shipping methods: Japan Post and DHL. Please be careful to read the news about COVID-19 because some shipping methods are currently impossible in some countries (COVID reminder notice). As a reminder, we are not a shipping company and therefore have no control over this step.
Do you ship worldwide?
Yes! We do ship worldwide! Be sure to put your email address and your phone number while ordering, postal services might need it to join you ! Once the package is in transit, there is nothing more we can do. As a reminder, we are not a delivery company. Postal services might be also busy during some periods. We are not responsible for delivery times but they do their best to deliver on time.
Can you send the products to a different address than mine?
Yes, please fill in the billing address and delivery address when ordering. If you forgot to do so and you have already ordered your products, please contact us quickly. Be sure to put your email address and your phone number while ordering, postal services might need it to join you !
I have a delivery problem, what should I do?
Please contact the company concerned immediately and provide them with your tracking number. Do not wait several weeks before taking any action or your package may be returned to us.
Do I need to pay custom fees ?
We have no control on custom fees. Customs fees depend on a country's rules and are directed at the customer (not the company who sold you the products). 99% of the time, you won’t have any custom fee but there is still a chance it happens. During the pandemic, it seems that customs fees happen more frequently than it used to. The reason is that online orders are more frequently made and customs want to control it more. If you chose Japan Post or EMS, it's very unlikely (impossible) that you'll have to pay for custom fees. However, with DHL it is more likely but still rare. All in all, we have no control nor responsibility over custom fees.
Do I have to pay the shipping costs again if my package has to be reshipped?
There are two possible cases. If we have the wrong address for any reason, we will bear the cost of returning the goods. If the address provided to us is wrong, or if the post office of your country could not deliver the package for a reason external to Hello Japan, we will be forced to ask you to pay the shipping costs again, as we cannot afford to pay them ourselves. However, please provide us with as much information as possible so that we can file a complaint with the delivery service.
Can I add other products after paying for my order to avoid additional shipping costs?
This is not possible. The shipping costs you pay are automatically calculated according to the weight of the items in your order. Adding products will therefore add weight, and therefore shipping costs.
Where can I find my tracking number?
Your tracking number will be automatically emailed to you when we ship your order, and will also be available in your customer account. Please do not send an email to customer service to find out if your order has been sent.


I want a refund. How does it work?
Due to several cases of abuse, each request has to be examined first. If you have a question, first of all, send a message to our customer service. If you decide to open a case with PayPal/Stripe, note that they have the final decision about the claim. Most of the time, the claim is closed since the claim is considered non-receivable. If your request of being refunded has been received, it would take several days to appear. Please note that if you used PayPal, we wouldn’t be able to refund you at 100% since PayPal takes a commission on your purchase. Above 6 months, we can’t refund you on Paypal. We’ll have to do a classic bank transfer. Note that there will be a commission which is why you can’t be refunded 100%. Note that a 10% cancellation fee applies on your order if you want a refund. We order products according to your orders. Too much abuse in the past forces us to be stricter so we don’t end up with thousands of unsold and perishable products, especially in a difficult context since COVID-19. In the case where we sent the package, it arrived at the post office but you didn’t pick it up and want a refund, delivery fees will not be refunded.
Why would I be charged a cancellation fee if I cancel my order?
The first reason: increasing repetitive abuse from some customers. Second reason: Third party payment companies such as PayPal do not always refund fees. Changing your mind is normal but it is not our responsibility to pay for it. We don't want to overcharge customers like many others store and offer you the best rates possible, so please be careful when ordering to avoid cancelling right after. Thanks in advance
Why the difference in cancellation fees?
We order products according to pre-orders. Too much abuse in the past forces us to be stricter so we don't end up with thousands of unsold products, especially in a difficult context since COVID-19.
About unclaimed packages
It’s your responsibility to claim the package and provide us with the correct delivery information. When a delivery is attempted at the address you specified when purchasing one of our products and are unclaimed, you will then be informed that it will be held at the local post office with details for redelivery. If no effort is made to claim the package for a prolonged period, then it will be returned to us. It will not be refunded. Therefore, you are required to purchase again if you want another one for redelivery.
In which cases will I not be reimbursed (partially or totally?)
Cancellation fees will be 30% on pre-orders and 10% on products in stock and being restocked (excluding pre-orders).
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